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SEMIRAMIS - Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders


Project number: 250453

Selected under theme: CIP-ICT-PSP.2009.7.1 / CIP-Pilot Actions


Start date: 01/03/2010

Duration:    30 months


Atos (Coordinator)

Stuttgart University

Murcia University

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica

European Organisation for Security (EOS)

Portugal Telecom

Ceuti City Council

Lecce City Council

Polska Telefonia

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Written by Barbara Pirillo   
Monday, 05 March 2012 19:09
SEMIRAMIS Event at EEMA2012 - 12-13 June, Paris
SEMIRAMIS has organised a two-day dedicated Event at the European eID Management Conference 2012.
The event took place the 12-13 June 2012 at the Innovation Campus in Paris.
The EEMA Conference focused on the Digital Identity Management which is considered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) a fundamental driver for the further development of the Internet Economy.
The EEMA’s 25th Annual Conference therefore tackled head-on the issues surrounding Identity Management as a core enabler of today’s personal, business and government processes.
The SEMIRAMIS two-day event comprised of a variety of presentations and panel discussions to present and discuss the SEMIRAMIS' major results after 2 years of work in Privacy, Data protection of the eIDentity. Presentations also covered technical information on the SEMIRAMIS workflow and the business perspective on where the SEMIRAMIS solution will run.
In order to show how SEMIRAMIS can effectively help in managing private data in a cross-border transactions, SEMIRAMIS provided also lively demonstrations specifically focused on three use cases: Public Education Access, Matriculation and Communication Services. Demos represented a good opportunity for attendees also from EEMA2012 to discover SEMIRAMIS and to get a first hand experience with the SEMIRAMIS solution.

Download the two-day Agenda

Tuesday Presentations
Welcome and General Presentation on SEMIRAMIS - Charles Bastos Rodriguez (ATOS)
Session 2: Cross-border data exchange and privacy issues: debate between one legal expert in data protection and two computer science experts - Javier Sempere Samaniego (Madrid Protection Agency), Ruben Torres (ATOS), Antonio Skarmeta (University of Murcia)
Session 4: Technical Presentation on SEMIRAMIS - Dominik Lamp (Uiniversity of Stuttgart)

Wednesday Presentations
Session 4: IDM Solutions - Alberto Crespo (ATOS)

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List of Speakers
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NEWS: the open source code from SEMIRAMIS is released under the LGPL License (Lesser General Public License)

Open source home page:

Open source Code:

Open source Documentation:

NEWS: SEMIRAMIS issued D6.2 Id Provider collaboration model - public deliverable

SEMIRAMIS presents its only public deliverable which describes the collaboration model developed during the execution of the pilot with the Partners that provide ID or e-Services. The general objective for this model is describing the roadmap for any other company that will be interested in provide ID or e-Services.

If you are interested, you can download it here.

NEWS: SEMIRAMIS will be presented at EIC - European Identity Conference

SEMIRAMIS will be presented by Aljosa Pasic (ATOS) at the European Identity Conference (EIC) during a Panel within the Secure Cloud Track which is taking place on Thursday, April 19 from 10:30 am - 12:30 am.

NEWS: The first SEMIRAMIS Pilot has been implemented!

Tests have been done by the SEMIRAMIS Consortium in order to invastigate with real users about the usability and the usefulness of SEMIRAMIS. Please check on the next issue of the SEMIRAMIS Newsletter in order to get more information on the tests.

NEWS: Special thanks to the Silesian University of Technology!

SEMIRAMIS main goal is to ease daily life of every European citizen, therefore real users feedback is most important for us. Between 21st and 24th of October 2011 Atos performed one of the first real time tests at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. Almost 50 students participated in virtual job application process using SEMIRAMIS functionalities.

The Consortium would like to express great gratitude to the Silesian University of Technology for their collaboration and effort.

NEWS: One paper from the University of Murcia have been accepted!

The University of Murcia have got accepted one paper which is related with (and supported by) SEMIRAMIS. The title of the paper is "Inter-Federation interoperability in Semiramis Project" and it will be presented at the 7th European eID Interoperability Concepts & Compliance Conference which will take place the 27 and 28 March 2012 in Biel, Switzerland.



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